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      [1] The court of Pie-powder (pié-poudré) was a court held at fairs for the redress of all grievances happening there—so called, because justice must be done before the dust goes off the plaintiff's or defendant's feet. See statute 17 Edward IV. chap. 2., confirming the common law usage of, and detailing some new regulations for, these courts.Εぐ�鹰ガィ谮く"Please you, my lord," said Wells, nothing daunted, "did not John Oakley get Stephen Holgrave from the forest of Dean?"んぢⅴげ皮雀

      "You know me, father John?"颟ぅ濂い�ゥぅ"Retire!" said he, "we shall consider of your punishment."菠钎ⅴ撺


      "Aye, it is he whom you say is the prophet," cried father John, "and accurst, say I, be the house-breakers!" his eye fell on Ralph Rugge. "What, another of the chosen!" he added, with a withering glance. "All, all are unworthy—my heart is sick!" and he turned away and covered his face with his hands.豟�橄蛱━The page withdrew, and De Boteler, after perusing the parchment, presented it to Richard. It ran thus: "A retainer of the Lord de Boteler, will come, unarmed and alone, beneath the southern battlements, at ten o'clock. He is a leader of the commons, but, being touched with remorse, he will, if admitted before the king in council, disclose all the secrets of the rebels."置ソ媸猊隅マ

      "Here is a health to King Richard and the true commons!" said Holgrave, taking up his cup.跻いぅ胜譧いRichard observed the movement, and beckoned to Sir John to dismount, who, choking with mortification, surrendered the animal to a man whom Tyler had beckoned to approach.ゥ臁ブ绀违猓�⒘面蛳い

      �ォぢ裤ほぅ�つ"What! think you, sir treasurer," asked De Boteler, "that the knaves, vile as they are, would harm his grace?"悭陇み


      �ロみどホ"No," said Holgrave; "but I cannot think where we have met."ゥゥぽくFather John's situation from this period became every day more irksome. He was forbidden to approach the sacraments, and strictly interdicted from administering them. His brethren passed without noticing him, and he was not permitted to eat at the board common to all. A small table was set apart on which his bowl and platter stood, and hints were given that if his obstinacy continued, he would, ere long, be confined to his cell.イ那ぅ


      "Wat Tyler," returned the monk, sternly, "this is not my counsel—this, then, is the traitor!—but perhaps he has obtained the charters!"ウ庭ぅゥ�冥イイ�ゥ诳


      It was about a month subsequent to this, that one morning, as Turner was making the anvil ring with the ponderous strokes of his hammer, two retainers from the castle entered the shed, and delivered an order from De Boteler for his immediate attendance. Wat laid the hammer on the anvil, and, passing the back of his right hand across his forehead, to clear away the large drops that stood there, looked with a kind of smile at the men as he said,イぅり陇訾d"Aye, aye, so do I," said the young man, evidently agitated; "but—let us talk no more of it."耥ど庭筲ぅ隆�犯工い

      The monk mingled with the multitude, and saw the merry citizens escort their sovereign to Temple-bar; and then the royal train proceeded, with somewhat less applause than had as yet attended their route. Indeed, after passing the few houses in the suburbs, the solitary dwellings of the nobles stood along the Strand, few and far between—those on the left with their spacious gardens sloping to the river, and the three or four on the right occupying a space as extended as the wall which enclosed the capacious garden attached to the convent of the abbot of Westminster would permit. So large, indeed, was this garden, as to cover the whole space between the gardens of the Strand houses and the site of what is now Long-acre, and eastward and westward the space between Saint Martin's and Drury-lane. When they had passed the pretty village of Charing, with its cross, the procession turned to the left, leaving behind an ample extent of open country, intersected by the Oxford and Reading roads on the west, and bounded on the north by the bold and picturesque range of the Hampstead and Highgate hills.幛ダイい·He, at length, became somewhat composed, and threw himself upon the floor, to get a few hours' rest.俚い惦ウ"Noble lady, I cannot tell you where Stephen Holgrave is concealed."`骏厶虿飞イ

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